Sage With Me

White Sage

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  • Sage is a powerful holistic tool known for its metaphysical properties.

  • In promoting spiritual rituals, this sacred plant is used for cleansing not only spaces but enhances healing and wisdom.

  • Changes the ionic composition of the air and reduces the body’s stress response to tragic events, feelings, & thoughts.

  • This aromatic herb is used to assist in spiritual cleansing energy, home, and said to dissipate low vibrational energy as well as attract calmness.

  • In an indigenous reflection to Native people, sage is known to be used for sacred and holistic purposes

  • It is crucial to respect such legendary practices with a loving heart for spiritual healing. Connecting and growing with our ancestors.

  • It’s spiritual connection gives a humbling light to mind, body, and spirit. Cleansing the third eye, blockages, and dark entities surrounding our paths.